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URTA Day on the Lake CEU Workshop

CEU Workshop Opportunity! Join URTA for the Day on the Lake Workshop: Mindfulness and Paddle Boarding held on Saturday August 7th from 10:00am-12:00pm at Jordanelle Reservoir. Cost is $30 for Members and $35 for Non members. Paddleboards are limited in availability and are on a first come first serve basis. Please bring your own if you are able to. Come have fun and learn something new!

Click HERE for more details and to register.

Support for Utah Recreation Therapy comes from:

Harrison Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

Learn more and apply for their Recreation Therapy Director position here.

Support for Utah Recreation Therapy comes from:

Utah State Hospital

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Support for Utah Recreation Therapy comes from:

Southern Utah Veterans Home

Learn more and apply for their Recreation Therapy Director position here.

Support for Utah Recreation Therapy comes from:

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (Formerly UNI)

Learn more and apply for their PRN Recreational Therapist position here.

Important Licensure Letter

Dear URTA Members,

Hello! We hope you all are having a happy and healthy year. Please read the following information carefully for an important update pertaining to our state licenses.

At the beginning of this year, Governor Cox issued an Executive Order addressing occupational and professional licensing. He asked DOPL to review all licenses and either streamline them to reduce regulations or eliminate licenses that are not needed.

As the Governor moves forward with this initiative, we want to make sure we are not deregulated since we are essential workers working closely with vulnerable populations. We know how this would hurt our clients/patients. Since the beginning of our licensure, we have had sunset reviews where DOPL reviews our law and rules and makes necessary changes. This leaves us vulnerable to losing our license. We will be working with the RT DOPL board to be prepared to meet with DOPL in October with all of the evidence we can gather in order to plead our case of the importance of maintaining RT licensure.

We have two main goals at this time. First, we will thoroughly review our RT practice act and rule to make sure they fit the needs of our profession, focusing on providing the safest and highest quality services to our clients/patients. Second, aim to remove the sunset reviews for our license so we can avoid having to do this again in the future. In order to have the best chance to achieve these goals, we had to hire a lobbyist.

We have hired Zac Bramble, with SEGO Strategies and Consulting, to represent us with the state legislature. We have already seen the benefit to hiring Zac and his partners. They have the expertise and connections to give us the best chance to maintain RT licensure and help us reach our goals.


We will be contacting you all, our members, for assistance as we work with Zac to accomplish various tasks. A couple of items we need at this time are:

Help in our efforts to raise funds in order to pay the lobbyist. Lobbyist services were not allotted in our budget since this move towards deregulation was unexpected. If you have any great ideas in this realm, connections, or experience with fundraising, please contact us.

We need letters from our clients/patients stating how much RT services helps or has helped them. This will assist us in sharing important information about RT with legislators and will help them see the value of the services we provide. If clients can list specific ways RT has helped them, that would be best! Please mail these client/patient letters to: URTA 63 east 1400 South, Bountiful, UT 84010.

We will keep you all apprised of what is going on and we are grateful for your help and support!