Awards & Recognition

Outstanding Member

This recognition is for a URTA member who has made a significant contribution during the past year by promoting the profession, practice, and philosophy of Recreation Therapy.

2020: Heather Brown

2019: Sophie Wolfe


2017: Kami Houck

2016: Jeremiah Cox

2015: Joe Walker

Monica Dixon

Laura Bennion

2007: Steven Bell

2004: Shauna Smith

2003: Mauria Tanner

2002: Kerri Ashcroft

2001: Janeal Ford

2000: Fran Wilby

1999: Kelly Dysart

1998: Chris Forsdick

1997: Susan Call

1996: Janice Larsen

1995: Scott Dorsey

1994: Trish Jensen

1993: Sydney Post

1992: Jody Jacobs

1991: Eleanor Houston

1990: Jane Daniels

1989: Trish DeYoung

1988: Gary Ethington

1987: Sandra Negley

1986: Sandra Negley & Pas Strasser

1985: Sandra Negley & Mary Morris

Distinguished Service

This award is for an individual who has helped the profession of Recreation Therapy grow through a lifetime of commitment and service.

2020: Ramon Zabriskie

2019: Keith Barney

2018: Jamie Bennett


2016: Karie Swensen

Pat Park

Sandy Negley

Syd Post

Mauria Tanner

2006: Michele Beal

2004: Trish DeYoung

2003: Michele Beal

2002: Eleanor Till

2001: Jeri Claspill

2000: Janice Larsen

1999: Jackie Welch

1998: Trish DeYoung

1997: Gary Ethington

1996: Cathy Morris

1995: Connie Molitor

1994: Frankie Draidfort

1993: Trish Jensen

1992: Sandra Negley

1991: Jesse Carter

1990: Leland Slaughter

1989: Ann Stacey

1988: John Clift

1987: Boyd Call

1986: Clark Thorstenson

1985: Sydney Post

Outstanding Program

This award is for an individual, group, or institution which has developed a TR program to improve the quality of life of the clients served. Criteria may include longevity, communication of ideas to others, professionalism and the education and enhancement of those involved.

2020: BYU TR Program

2019: Behavioral Health Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center


2017: Brighton Recovery Center

2016: University of Utah - Sandy Negley and Steve Bell

Copper Hills Youth Center

National Ability Center


Maple Lake Academy

Westridge Academy

Community Service

This award recognizes an individual who has helped and promoted Recreation Therapy although he or she is not a Recreation Therapist. This may have been done through volunteerism, legislative or policy support, offering programs, or other significant contribution.

2020: Dr. Kent Roundy

2019: Malissa Morrell



2016: BYU Therapeutic Recreation Club

Salt Lake County Adaptive

National Ability Center

Senator Gene Davis

Dirk Anjewierden

Therapy Animals of Utah

Intermountain Therapy Animals

2004: UT Healthcare Association and Sen. Gene Davis

2003: Shawna Peterson

2002: Terri Danburg

2001: Snowbird

2000: Intermountain Therapy Animals

1999: Brent Armstrong

1998: Dr. Paul Whitehead

1997: Dr. L. Dale Cruise

1996: Diana Taylor

1995: Larry Garlock

1994: Maxine Peterson

1993: Alma Heaton

1992: Rep. Gene Davis & Rep. Brent Haymond

1991: Dave Fairhurst

1990: Glenda Solomon

1989: Bill Peterson

1988: Mary Pylley

1987: Herb Russell

1986: Senator Richard Carling

1985: Camp Kostopulos