HMHI ROPES Challenge Course

2021 Titanium Sponsor


R ecreation: An opportunity to have fun!

O bservation: Learn about yourself and others.

P roblem Solving: Demonstrate your skills.

E xperiential Education: Learn by doing.

S elf Esteem: Feel great about yourself!

Formerly known as UNI. Since 1988, the HMHI ROPES Challenge Course has offered several services for recreation therapy clients, students, and professionals. We are pleased to continue serving the community through the following programs:

High and Low Course for Treatment Groups

We are proud to be able to provide, and essentially be the high ropes course for several treatment programs across the Wasatch Front.

Our RTs will coordinate with your RTs to provide quality interventions. You can be as involved, or step back, as much as you feel comfortable.

HMHI ROPES offers Recurring Service Agreements starting as low as $18/person for a 2-hour group, happening at least 4 times a calendar year.

Level 1 Challenge Course Facilitator Training and Certification

Happening Mon 5/10/21 through Fri 5/14/21 from 9am-5pm each day.

This fully transferable 40-hour training and certification is provided by ABEE, a professional vendor member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology, and hosted on the HMHI ROPES Challenge Course.

Cost is $475/person for 40 hours of training.

Contact us to register. Visit for more information about the certification.


HMHI ROPES is hiring for Challenge Course Facilitators starting this summer! It is a great job for students and professionals looking for a PRN/contract work job that is fun, creative and fairly flexible with schedules. It will help develop and hone group facilitation skills for summer camps, youth groups, treatment programs, corporate trainings, and university events.

Hiring Timeline
February 2021: Start to accept applications.
March 2021: Interviews will begin.
April 2021: Offers will go out and start dates will begin with background check.
April-May 2021: Various onboarding, training, shadowing, and performance reviews.

Please find the application at the link below and forward this to anyone interested. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or to let us know you or your referral applied. Thank you!