Click the link below to access 2023 Conference online venue to view the conference packet and complete session evaluations. 


Join us on Thursday, March 30th through Friday, March 31st, 2023 for the opportunity to further your skills and knowledge of Recreational Therapy! 


Davis Conference Center

1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT 84041


Intentionally 2023


Thursday March 30th at the Rush Funplex from 6:30pm-9:30pm. 

Disclaimers and Policies

Access to Member Drive (Conference Packet and Hand Outs) and Personal CEU Drive (CEU Certificate)

Do your best to provide and use a Google Account (Gmail or a work sponsored G Suite Account) to be able to access the handouts, Member Drive, and your personal CEU Drive where you will get your CEU certificate after conference.


Please act respectfully and professionally when interacting with others.

Professional Status vs. Student Status

If you are a licensed TRS in the state of Utah but are attending school for further education, you must still register as a Professional in order to receive CEU credit.


Parking will be available at the Conference Center.

Hotels Nearby

Hilton Garden Inn (attached to the Davis Conference Center)

Hampton Inn 

ADA Disclosure

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) will comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). We invite any participant with special needs to contact us at upon registration for special accommodations.


All Registrations include 2023 URTA Membership, opportunity to attend 2 hour suicide prevention training if you need it, and networking. 

Professional Registration includes CEUs.

Student Registration does not include CEUs.

Minimal onsite day-of registration will be available this year.

50 online attendance spots will be available this year. These will be primarily used and intended for people out of state, new parents, and hardship requests. 

2023 Rates - Conference


Registration for 2023 Conference will open November 2, 2022.

Registration will be completed via Google Forms and Square. After registration is received we will email you a separate Square invoice to complete payment. 

Group registration is available but it is important that each person is registered with their own email in order to facilitate conference and other URTA communications.

Online Remote Attendance Information

Student Scholarship Application

Student Applications deadline has been extended!

This year students will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend conference.  This scholarship is available to undergraduate recreational therapy students from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University- Idaho. The scholarship includes conference registration, one-year membership to URTA, two meals each day (continental breakfast, lunch, and a snack at the conference party), and opportunities for networking. This is a “working scholarship”. Students will assist in implementing the Utah Recreation Therapy Association 2023 Conference on March 30-31, 2023. Responsibilities may include introducing speakers, punching CEU sheets, monitoring the silent auction, and assisting with registration. Students will be expected to assist with one full day of conference and can attend the second day without scholarship responsibilities. 

DEADLINE: Student Scholarship Applications need to be emailed to by Sunday, February 12th, 2023 with all attachments.

Click the form below for application instructions. 

URTA Student Scholarship

Call for Presenters

It’s that time of year again! Conference is around the corner, and we are looking for presenters to help facilitate educational and uplifting experiences focused around Therapeutic Recreation as we move into the future with our profession. Please submit your presentations and handouts early enough so we can plan an effective conference.

Conference is back to in person this year! Please review the Call for Presenters form for more information regarding room set up, equipment needed, etc.

This year we have also included a Call for Presenters Submissions Outline to help you gather the necessary information BEFORE submitting the official form. 

As always and especially this year, we appreciate your quick submission of your presentation(s) and handouts as early as you can. This gives us time to review and approve your presentation, and/or handouts, then input the information into the conference packet. Overall, it helps us plan an effective conference that contains useful information for URTA Members and the profession.

If you are interested in presenting but need some ideas of topics or populations to present on, here are a few that have been requested:

Discounts and Deadlines

Please review the Call for Presenters Submission Outline to help gather all information required to complete all questions required. You will not be approved to present until you fill out the Call for Presenters form out in full. 

Pre-Recording Your Session

This year URTA will have a limited online attendance option for registrants. This requires pre-recorded sessions of your presentation with your permission. These will be primarily used for people out of state, new parents, and hardship requests. We are offering an additional $25 off of conference registration OR a $25 Amazon GiftCard for each presentation (not for each presenter) for your willingness to help more people access CEUs. This incentive is separate from all other presenter discounts. Please mark on your Call for Presenters Form if you are interested in pre-recording. We encourage and appreciate all who are willing to participate. 

Presentations are due by the following dates. 

November 7th, 2022 for up to $100 off registration for presenter(s).

December 12th, 2022 for up to $75 off registration for presenter(s).

January 23rd, 2023 for up to $50 off registration for presenter(s).


Approved presentations will be notified by December 31st, 2022 or 2 weeks after submission.


1. Discounts are limited to one presentation and the discount will be divided among the number of presenters. If the presenter submits several presentations, they will be eligible for the highest calculated discount of all their submissions. The maximum discount a presenter could receive is $100.

2. Please fill out the form completely before submitting.

3. Everyone is encouraged to present, but discounts are limited to those registering as professionals, not students.

4. Per Presentation Guidelines, TRTs may present up to 50% of the allotted time with a TRS or MTRS presenting the rest.

5. Allied professionals must relate their topic to TR/RT.

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) will comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). We invite any participant with special needs to contact us at upon registration for special accommodations.

Call for Poster Session Presenters

URTA is excited to announce and open this year's poster session to all members! Do you have information to share? Submit a poster! 

Are you implementing successful and unique interventions and have the documentation to prove it - we want to see it! Are you using a theory to guide or program? We want to hear about it! Are you advocating for RT with a theoretical framework - then we want to know about it! One of the best parts about our annual conference is learning and networking with each other. This poster session is for you if you want to share what you have found through your programming, what theories have supported your program, and how you are advocating for your RT community. 

Posters will be displayed for the duration of conference and presenters will be expected to stand by their poster to discuss and answer questions on Friday, March 31 from 8:30-9:00 am.

Please review all of the following information and guidelines on poster presentation form below. 


Submit your poster presentation by Saturday, January 28, 2023 by emailing your file to and include “Poster Presentation” and your full name in the subject line.

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) will comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). We invite any participant with special needs to contact us at upon registration for special accommodations.

Call for Poster Presenters


Applications for Sponsorship are Now Open!

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) and Therapeutic Recreation Foundation (TRF), are non-profit organizations with the missions of promoting the professional development of recreation therapy in the State of Utah. The annual Conference is March 30th-31st, 2023. It will be a two-day event for recreational therapists and other professionals to earn CEUs and network. 

URTA is currently looking for individuals and organizations that would be interested in sponsorship/advertisement opportunities. With an average of 325+ attendees, this conference is a great opportunity that offers good exposure for your organization. There are many options you have for this event and any of them would benefit you by getting your name out there.

Applications and payment for Sponsorship are due by Sunday, January 29th, 2023. Materials from Sponsors are due by Friday, February 3rd, 2023.


$1500: Keynote session named after the donor and largest advertising for your organization. Organization logo and business information will be posted for all conference members to see. Complimentary exhibitor table will be provided.


$1,000: Breakout session named after the donor. Your organization logo will be posted in a breakout room and the organization will be mentioned before and after each session. Complimentary exhibitor table will be provided.


$500: Your organization name and logo will be featured in our annual URTA Conference Packet. Complimentary exhibitor table will be provided.


$250: Choose between your organization name being featured in our annual URTA Conference packet OR being provided an exhibitor booth. 


$150 + Silent Auction Donation: You will receive an exhibitor booth at the discounted rate of $150

Call for Silent Auction Items

Make a donation to our Silent Auction!

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) and Therapeutic Recreation Foundation (TRF), are non-profit organizations with the missions of promoting the professional development of recreation therapy in the State of Utah. Part of our mission is providing scholarship opportunities for students engaging in an approved TR program at a neighboring university. This is accomplished through the Silent Auction proceeds from the larger community. 

The silent auction will be available for attendees to bid on donated items during the in-person conference. 

Please contact our Silent Auction Coordinator at to arrange a pick up or drop off. 

Call for Nominations for Recognition

Know someone who is awesome and is passionate about recreation therapy? Nominate them for recognition and an award at the annual Utah Recreation Therapy Conference! Each year URTA Members and Friends are recognized for their hard work and dedication to the profession in the following categories: Outstanding Member, Distinguished Service, Outstanding Program, Community Service. Nominations are also submitted for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors, which oversees the Executive Committee.

Visit the 2023 Membership Directory to connect with and learn about other URTA Members.

Only current URTA Members can submit nominations. Please provide compelling reasons for each person you nominate. Also include valid contact information.

Submit all nominations by 1/31/2023.

Outstanding Member: This award is for a member who has made a significant contribution during the past year by promoting the profession, practice, and philosophy of Recreation Therapy.

Distinguished Service: This award is for an individual who has helped the profession of Recreation Therapy grow through a lifetime of commitment and service.

Outstanding Program: This award is for an individual, group, or institution which has developed a TR program to improve the quality of life of the clients served. Criteria may include longevity, communication of ideas to others, professionalism and the education and enhancement of those involved.

Community Service: This award recognizes an individual who has helped and promoted Recreation Therapy although he or she is not a Recreation Therapist. This may have been done through volunteerism, legislative or policy support, offering programs, or other significant contribution.

Please see the file below for a How to write a nomination in 3 easy steps!

URTA Awards- Writing Nominations in 3 easy steps.pdf